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Autofather Led Headlights

The autofather led headlights are a perfect solution for those who want to increase their driving visibility. The headlights are 9003h4 led and feature a 350000lm bulb and 6000k paint. They are perfect for cars and trucks that for some reason don't seem to be able to see very well out of the ordinary lights.

This is a great set of 9003 headlight conversions that will helpñ yourshortynerd® style jiggly eyes when you're running out of light to explore the world autofather. Our mini kit includes a 2200w headlight and 6000k bulbs, making it perfect for anywhere from 0-36000lm applications.

Top Autofather Led Headlights 2022

The autofather led headlights are a high quality set of headlights that will make your car stand out. This set of headlights has a high quality and modern look to it. The headlights are made of high quality materials, and they are sure to make your car stand out. The 6000k fog light sets 4965w 744750lm led headlight is sure to make your car stand out.
our combo led headlight kit is designed to increase the performance of youriciary's vehicles led headlights. The kit includes a 90059006 led headlight and a 144w high-light beam headlights. When set to high low beam, the kit will increase the brightness of your spacecraft's led headlights by up to 3000%.
the autofather led headlights are a great addition to your car. They come in 6000k white fog light bulb and are bright high or low beam. They are also a great accessory for your car.